Nursery tradition in Tuscany goes back to the Medicean Age, as one of the best expressions of the Italian Renaissance, as it appears in the pictorial works of its " beautiful landscape". Since then the propagation methods have been developed, and in 1988  the Azienda Agricola Meristema s.r.l., tissue culture laboratory, was born, near Pistoia, Pescia and Lucca nursery areas, well known all over the world for the high nursery-specialization.

Meristema® emphasizes with micro-propagation the high quality of plants produced, guaranteed by several successful trademarks. An ambitious breeding programme is evidence of Meristema®'s care in research targeted to obtain new improved varieties.

ü Creation of new varieties by breeding programmes;
ü Testing of new varieties in field trials in different climate environments;
ü Micro-propagation of a wide selection of plants;
ü Micro-propagation of selected plants under request;
ü Production of BabyPlantâ line;
ü European research projects establishment and management.

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