BabyPlant® are micropropagated plantlets, obtained by an advanced technology (in-vitro cultures of meristems); they live for several months inside sober glass or crystal bottlelets, over a special nutrient agarized substrate, containing water, mineral salts, vitamins and sugar.

Several specie are used, having in common the same living environment: Syngonium, Philodendron, Vriesea, Spathiphyllum, Aechmea, Cordyline  etc. etc.

The creation of BabyPlant® has been possible thank to micro-propagation technique, a sector of biotechnology combined with freak in the choice of the bottles shapes and colours.

This item, created by ourselves binding the "ornamental plant" concept to a furnishing object, defines a new product which meets appreciation on the market, thanks to its peculiar characteristics.

Put your BabyPlantÒ in every place of your house, over a piece of furniture, over  a bathroom bracket, over a night-table in your bedroom, close to a window, in your office over a desk etc. etc., but:

1) Never remove lid
2) Do not expose to the direct rays of the sun.
3) Do not overturn or stir.
4) Keep away from any source of heat.

Being live plants, formation of yellow leaves at the base is quite normal, after a while.

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